Alison Waters Withdraws

Former World No.3 Alison Waters has withdrawn from the upcoming British National Championships due to an injury she sustained at the El Gouna International.

The Englishwoman slipped on court during the PSA Platinum tournament, and missed the PSA World Championships 2020-2021 as a result. 

Following her withdrawal, Emily Whitlock becomes the No.3 seed, while Lucy Turmel becomes No.4 seed and will now face Katie Malliff.

Anna Kimberley moves into the 5/8 seeding bracket and will now face compatriot Alicia Mead, with Welshwoman Nia Davies coming into the draw. She will face England’s Rachael Chadwick in the first round.

Updated Women’s Draw:

[1] Sarah-Jane Perry (ENG) v Jasmin Kalar (ENG)
Nia Davies (WAL) v Rachael Chadwick (ENG)

Anna Kimberley (ENG) v Alicia Mead (ENG)
[3] Emily Whitlock (WAL) v Margot Prow (ENG)

[4] Lucy Turmel (ENG) v Katie Malliff (ENG)
Georgina Kennedy (ENG) v Lisa Aitken (SCO)

Ali Loke (WAL) v Jasmine Hutton (ENG)
[2] Tesni Evans (WAL) v Saran Nghiem (ENG)